Herje Mine is a band that feels, lives and plays the balkan music with all of its depth and passion. The five musician's hearts seem to be powerfully rooted with this wonderful kind of music. The audience will feel wanderlust, nostalgia and the will to dance immediately while listening. You can't escape from their sound and passion! The musicians are coming from Poland, Israel and Germany: Izabela Kałduńska – violin, Friederike von Oppeln-Bronikowski – clarinet, Gal Levy – drums, Marko Heine – double bass and Sven Bohling – accordeon. Together they create a world of sound made of tempo, dynamic, diversity, rhythm, improvisation and virtuosity. With their skills they take everybody into a world of sensuality and passion!

"Goes into the soul, itches the feet- the band Herje Mine from Leipzig stands for fast, passionate and virtuose balkan music" - mephisto976.de

the band

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